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St John the forerunner of our Lord.

A work in progress.

A friend’s daughter colored an amazing ostrich at family camp. : )

I asked my boys what they would like me to draw for them. They said a cow on wheels….so here we are. : )


Penny farthing.

A fun little break. 

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I can breathe again now. Gold leaf is so flimsy and fragile, that you have to inhale and exhale quite purposefully, or not at all. ;-)

Goldleaf prep for an icon of St. John the forerunner and Baptist. About 17x28 inches.

I have been met on my bike ride to and from work all week by Gold Finches who fly with me for 10-20 feet at a time. Thanks for the comfort, little friends. :)

teamsoftserve said: How did you get into iconography? How did you learn?

We live an hour and a half car drive from a Romanian Orthodox Convent in Michigan. A nun there took lessons from a renowned Iconographer from the old country, and after a while, she started giving group lessons twice a year to the curious. I took a couple of classes 5 years ago, and practice on my own very often. When family life permits, that is. :-)

That’s the short end of it.

Two more finished. Thanks be to God. I just have to varnish them and then put in a hanging hole in each.