My six year old is making good progress on his icon of his patron saint, the Holy prophet Jonah.

Two saint Lucia icons for a wonderful deacons wife in California and her daughter.


Here is my workspace.

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I think I’m done

I might be finished with Tumblr or just take a long break. I’ll start with a break I think.

I’m going through a purging fit. You know…throwing away socks that have holes in them… cleaning out the refrigerator of all fungal and moldy science experiments… getting rid of social media that feels like a third job and distracts me from real work. I think I just have too much on my plate and so I need to find what’s really pertinent for this period in my life.

Four russian white gold leafed icons.

While in the waiting room.

The view from my bike. Going up Bronson Blvd. In Kalamazoo, MI.

A liiiiitle closer