Saint John of Novgorod and some Saints of North America.


Untitled Self-Portrait no. 16, Oil on linen (12x11) by Rachel Gregor, 2013

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Hangin’ with Saint Tikhon of Moscow.


And low tide. This is a “one mug sketch” — that is, twenty minutes or so. I’ve been using Paper by Fiftythree to work out composition problems before I paint in pastels. Any composition suggestions gleefully accepted. Go to Mix to fix it.


Way to go Pimemma!

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I drew this while at a sketch get together with my mom and son at a coffee shop earlier this month.

I biked a half marathon today with some friends. It was the Dark Horse Brewery Bakers Dozen. That was a load of fun!

finished in an hour. The first this was slow because of the huge number of participants. Lots of fun!

I started another drawing of St John the Baptist.

Archangel Gabriel practice

Saint John the forerunner icon is finished, save the final coat of varnish.